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Like you, we call Round Rock and Austin home.

We are a community of ordinary Christians who believe the message of Jesus — that life is about more than simply being a good person or keeping up with the Joneses.

It’s about knowing and submitting to the God of the universe, who paid the ultimate price for our redemption.


Sunday Meetings

We meet on Sunday at 10AM in Round Rock to sing together and hear God’s Word preached.

Our doors are open to anyone in the community and we hope you’ll join us.

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What We’re About

Simply put–we are about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In His mercy, God chose to redeem us from our sinfulness and is now making us more like his Son day by day. Our lives individually, and collectively, are shaped by this amazing truth.

Read more about our Vision and Beliefs:
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Our Leaders

We are thankful to be led by a team of gifted, humble leaders: Jon Payne (Senior Pastor), Aaron Mayfield (Associate Pastor) and Mark Walley (Administrator).

Our church is also served by a number of small group leaders and functional ministry leaders, who serve our church in a variety of capacities.

. Our Leaders

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