When Reading the Bible Feels Boring

When Reading the Bible Feels Boring

Despite our best efforts, despite knowing we shouldn’t, sometimes we don’t feel spiritually energized or amazed when we read the Bible.   Of course we shouldn’t feel this way–this is God’s Word after all–but the reality is we sometimes do.  Sometimes, we are bored by God’s Word. So, what do we do about it? 

The first thing we should always do is pray, asking the Lord to cleanse our hearts and excite us with the infinite treasure of his Word.    Here are a few additional thoughts we should discipline ourselves to think prior to reading.  Walking through these truths mentally, before opening the Bible, may begin the process of opening our eyes to its value.

1. The Bible is God speaking.  God himself is speaking to us in these pages, through these words.

2.  The Bible tells us what God is like.  Every page describes God’s character.

3.  The Bible tells us how we can obey God, love God, and enjoy God.

4.  The Bible is our authority;  whatever we read, we should believe and obey.

5.  God will use the Bible to sustain our souls and fill our hearts with peace and hope.

6.  The Bible tells the story of Jesus Christ, and responding to this good news is our only hope of eternal life and reconciliation with God.

Walking through some (or all!) of those statement prior to reading the Bible will posture our hearts correctly before the Scriptures. Sometimes the Bible is boring to us because we spend more time meditating on how it doesn’t impact us than we do meditating on what is true about the Bible.

Once we posture our hearts, then we can read a section of Scripture and seek to answer the following questions.

1.  How would I summarize this scripture in my own words? (This forces us to think about the main points of the passage.)

2.  What is this scripture revealing about God’s character or action in the world?

3.  How can I express in prayer the truth of God’s character or actions as revealed here? (Bible reading should translate into prayer as often as possible.)

4.  How does this Scripture motivate me to live for God’s glory in belief or obedience and what is a practical application for today?

There are many reasons the Bible could be “boring” in our experience.  One of those reasons is approaching it without knowing what we should be thinking or discovering as we read.  The statements and questions above could help to point us in the right direction.  Ultimately, we need the Lord to warm our cold hearts by the fire of His Spirit.

May the glory of his truth shine brightly before our eyes.