What Choices Can We Never Make?

What Choices Can We Never Make?

  • We cannot choose to be born, only what we will do with the life we’ve been given.
  • We cannot choose to escape God’s authority, only how we will respond to his rule.
  • We cannot choose our gender, only whether we will fulfill God’s design for our life.
  • We cannot choose to murder and remain innocent, only whether we will acknowledge all life as belonging to God.
  • We cannot choose to create a universe without God, only whether we will believe a lie or the truth.
  • We cannot cause the Bible to cease being God’s Word, only whether we receive it as such.
  • We cannot choose to be guiltless in ourselves, only whether we will receive salvation in Christ.
  • We cannot choose a salvation of our own making, only whether we will see Christ as the only way to God.
  • We cannot choose to cease existing, only who we will trust for our state in eternity.

Of course, God has granted us the gift and responsibility of making many choices.  But some choices are not ours to make.  Further, there is an important distinction to be made between choices we should not make and choices we cannnot make.  We should not do things God has said not to do, even though he allows us to do them in disobedience. We cannot (do not have the ability to, are unable to, are powerless to)  make choices that God has not granted to us. The ultimate example: an atheist should not say that there is no God. But he or she cannot cause God to cease to exist. Claiming to have a choice where none exists does not make it so.

The sooner we choose to accept the choices we cannot make, the sooner we will feel  joy at the incredible gift God offers to everyone who chooses to trust in Him for the choices he has made for us.

The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.

(Psalm 16:6 ESV)