We’re Here

We’re Here

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I haven’t posted in a long while–many apologies to any readers who came back hoping for a new post!

But we did have good reason–we have now
arrived in Round Rock, Texas, North of Austin! The move represented a lot of hard work and even some unexpected challenges on the road, but the Lord was faithful to bring us across Arizona, New Mexico, and west Texas safely. We were greeted by an amazing moving team of servants, some of whom left AZ ahead of us and some who were here in North Austin waiting for us to arrive. These are some of the families that will comprise our initial church plant group. We are so grateful for them!!

Now, the real adventure begins–and we are looking forward to all that God has planned for us as we meet our neighbors, figure out where our grocery stores and gas stations are located, and pray for the Lord to establish the work of our hands.

Thank you Lord for bringing us to Austin!