Theological Foundations

Theological Foundations

Prior to launching our church, I spent time blogging about six of our chief theological foundations.  These foundations form our key values and shape our vision as a church.  Now that our church is officially started I thought it would be helpful to restate our theological foundations with some brief explanation below.

Redemption Hill Church is:

1.  Grounded in God’s Word–we believe God’s Word is inerrant and all of our values and beliefs and practices are derived from the Scriptures.

2. Empowered by the Holy Spirit–we believe that all of our lives are to be lived in active dependance on the Holy Spirit; He gives us the power to grow in godliness and serve God in our various callings and giftings.

3. Centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ–the theological centerpiece of Biblical revelation is Jesus Christ and His redemptive work; all of our ministry must show a transparent connection to this central truth.

4.  Passionate about Worshiping God–worship happens in public gatherings and private godliness.  We want to be equally passionate in both contexts to live all of life for God’s glory, to know Him, obey Him, and love Him.

5. Eager to Love One Another–Loving one another is a vital evidence of true conversion and is a witness to the world of our Christian identity.  We want to care for each other spiritually and practically.

6.  Excited to Proclaim the Gospel to the World–We are witnesses of the good news about Jesus. Sharing this news with our neighbors and advancing the gospel mission around the world is our calling as a church.  We also want to be faithful to love our community with practical care and service and lay our lives down for the good of our neighbors.

If you’d like to read more about these values, feel free to visit the historical posts on this blog or send any questions to