The Shortest Route to a Boring Bible

The Shortest Route to a Boring Bible

All of us struggle with ambivalent feelings toward the Bible at some point or another.  The pilgrimage toward heaven has seasons of light and glory and other moments when we feel trapped in doubting castle or wandering after the counsel of Mr. Worldly Wiseman.  However, we would do well to consider some of the easiest ways to make the Bible boring…and strive to avoid them! Here are some that come to mind–consider them as shortcut directions to a boring Bible experience.

1.  Spend more time thinking about how boring the Bible is than reading it.

2.  Consistently disbelieve or disobey what is read.  Irreverence for Biblical authority will lead quickly to Biblical apathy.

3.  Rarely ask a pastor or older Christian about passages that are hard to understand.

4.  Rarely turn Bible reading time into prayer.

5.  Read the Bible as primarily about our actions rather than God’s actions.

6.  Rarely ask God to help you love the Bible.

7.  Read the Bible rarely rather than consistently. Expect immediate revelation and joy upon every reading.

8.  Look forward only to other things as refreshing (food, entertainment, friends) and the Bible only as a responsibility.

9.  Assume that current apathy toward the Bible reveals its potential and real value.

Hopefully none of us would celebrate these foolish directions boldly–however they are often the functional practice of our lifestyle and our inner thoughts.    Let’s consider their reverse and make it a practice to run toward the value and joy of God’s Word.

1. Spend more time reading the Bible than musing about how boring it is right now.

2.  Seek to obey and believe what is read.  Functional authority will lead to an experience of relevance.

3.  Consistently ask a pastor or older Christian to explain difficult passages.

4.  Consistently turn Bible reading time into prayer.

5.  Read the Bible as primarily about God’s actions, especially in Christ, and only secondarily about our response.

6.  Always ask God to help you love the Bible.

7.  Read a little of the Bible consistently rather than a lot rarely.  Expect the Bible to become more exciting as you read it over time, rather than expecting an instant adrenaline rush with every verse.

8.  Look forward to God’s Word as refreshing, rather than only finding refreshment in other things (food, entertainment, friendships).

9.  Assume that the Bible is truly valuable and exciting and that current apathy toward it is an inaccurate indication of its worth.

Lord, open our eyes to behold marvelous glory in your Word. Show us yourself and speak to us by your Spirit.  Enliven our hearts to love the Words of life you have given to us.