The fruit of the Spirit is….Patience

The fruit of the Spirit is….Patience

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What does it mean to be patient with one another?

  • Patience is forgiveness in the face of repeated sin.
  • Patience is servanthood that requires sacrifice.
  • Patience is gracious speech in response to harsh language.
  • Patience is gentle questions rather than accusations.
  • Patience is faith for future growth.
  • Patience is faithfulness in the face of failure.
  • Patience is hope in the face of setbacks.
  • Patience is evidence of the Holy Spirit.
  • Patience is the fruit of a transformed heart.
  • Patience is a harvest of the gospel seed.
  • Patience reflects the character of the Good Shepherd.
  • Patience is being like our long-suffering God.
  • Patience requires living each moment at the foot of the cross.

Many of us may find peaks of love, moments of joy, occasions of peace, outbursts of kindness, offerings of goodness, expressions of gentleness, and victories of self-control to be present in our Christian walk. But we need to look for those fruit categories that require time if we want to  be proven genuine fruit bearing trees of the Holy Spirit, planted near the water of the gospel.  Patience cannot be proven in a moment, but only over many moments. It cannot be demonstrated once, but must be seen again and again. Patience is revealed after much road has been traveled, not at the beginning of the journey. Let us look to see patience shining in our relationships so that we may bear that other fruit of the Spirit that takes time to prove….faithfulness. After all, patience is one of the ways that distinguishes a temporary enthusiast from one who will receive the eternal reward–the commendation of the good and faithful servant.   So, let us pray for the Holy Spirit to bear the fruit of patience in our lives, so that we will prove faithful to Him from the beginning of our journey all the way to the end.