The Discipline of Thankfulness

The Discipline of Thankfulness

Today, someone I know had to visit a hospital for a minor surgery.  In the hours leading up to the operation and after it began, I asked the Lord for mercy. I asked Him for his protection over the patient’s health and that He would sustain the doctors and medical staff.  I was truly eager for the Lord to answer this prayer and show himself faithful yet again.

Fast forward a few hours later.  I had received word that the surgery was successful.  Obviously I was relieved.  But after I had begun moving into the rest of my day, the small voice of the Holy Spirit whispered gently.  I had almost forgotten to thank the Lord.  So I paused and thanked Him for answering my prayers, for doing in his power and wisdom what I had asked him to do.

Too frequently,  I skip over thankfulness when the Lord answers my prayers.  It’s easy to assume that the world just works by coincidence, by fate, or perhaps simply by predictable physical laws.  Yet I don’t actually believe such nonsense.  God rules every moment and governs every atom.  Every answered prayer is due back to Him in thanksgiving.  No surgery is successful unless he orders it so.

Thank you Lord, for your steadfast love and faithfulness.  You answered my prayer. You heard my voice calling out for mercy.  I will praise You for  wondrously showing your steadfast love.  Thanks are due you, my Savior, my Refuge, and my Redeemer.

Create in my the discipline of thanksgiving. Let every sight of your power and mercy be turned back to you in praise.