The Comfort of the Crucified One

The Comfort of the Crucified One

The writer of Hebrews reminds us that we have a High Priest who is able to sympathize with our weakness, that he was made like man in every respect, yet without sin.  In thinking about the particular symptoms of sickness that many men and women are experiencing right now around the world, the suffering of our Savior comes to mind.

Let us remember his back, lashed and bleeding and throbbing in pain. Remember His wrists and feet pierced, tendons and joints pleading for relief but finding none. Let us consider his head pierced by sharp thorns, and the sweat and blood that surely stung his eyes as he squinted to see his enemies mock his suffering.  Let us remember the uplifted arms, the pressure on his shoulders, the lungs gradually filling with fluid and searching desperately for oxygen while his strength waned.  For a crucified man, each breath is an agony, and each second the pain from multiple wounds pounds against his mind, a death drum of torture leading downward to death.   And our precious Lord Jesus experienced it all.

Our Lord is not a stranger to physical pain, but understands it personally, brutally.  This is the one who offers sympathy to all those suffering physical pain right now.  And unlike every other human, this Divine Person chose to endure the pain he had the power to stop.  He chose to feel our weakness, our pain, in order to die as our true representative and invite us into a pain free future.   Here he is, offering comfort and hope to every suffering man and woman.  Here is the Savior, who deserved no pain, bearing pain for us, and coming to every suffering person now with the good news of his compassion and his grace.

If we should face suffering in the future, we have one who understands it already and will not give us more than we can bear. If we suffer in the present, let us go to him with our tears and our weak bodies and know the one once crucified cares for us.

Come to him, all who suffer and are in pain. Lay your sins on his shoulders and tell him of your pain and your weariness. He provides forgiveness and peace, comfort and hope. And soon, very soon, eternal, painless, rest.