Thanks for Receiving

Thanks for Receiving

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Our church has benefited from its inception from our partnership with Sovereign Grace Churches.  Our pastors have been trained at the Sovereign Grace Pastors conference. We regularly receive counsel and encouragement from Sovereign Grace pastors around the world. We sing many songs written by members of Sovereign Grace churches.  We benefit from guest speakers who travel from their own church in the Sovereign Grace family to benefit us.

I’d like to highlight an often unrecognized gift that Sovereign Grace churches are to us:   They make it possible for us to fulfill our mission by serving and giving to bless other churches.   A faithful New Testament church cannot fulfill its full mission without serving and blessing other churches and supporting the gospel advancing in other countries.  Of course, for a church without global partners, this calling is made incredibly difficult by the continual need to seek out churches and mission groups that agree with our understanding of gospel mission. Certainly Sovereign Grace is not the only Biblically faithful ministry in the world!  There are many gospel-centered, Biblical churches and mission organizations.  However, locating a family of churches that shares your doctrinal values and is committed to building gospel-centered, Biblically-fed churches means we can give and encourage and partner with confidence and joy. We can give knowing we’ll be able to hear how our gifts are bearing fruit.  We’ll even benefit as new churches are built who then partner with us in further giving for the advance of the mission and the care of like-minded churches.

The point is–we would be responsible to give and partner and support and serve some church or some ministry in any case, simply to fulfill our Biblical calling.  To know, and love, and benefit personally from those we also support is an incredible gift–making it much easier to be the cheerful giver that God calls us to be! So, to our fellow Sovereign Grace churches–thanks for receiving.  You make it a joy to give.