Take It Home Questions – 2/9/14

Take It Home Questions – 2/9/14

Jon Payne preached from Colossians 4:7-23


Key Ideas

  • We are here given a vision to emulate of gospel partnership.
  • The gospel partnership we are called to has four marks:
    • Mutual care
    • Enduring unity
    • Devoted effort
    • Gospel focus
  • Our lives should serve as a platform to showcase the glorious gospel of our Savior.


Questions to help us apply the Word:


Treasure ­– Application to stir our love for Christ

  1. How have you benefitted in the past from gospel partnership? Take some time to consider those who have sacrificed to be used by God in your life. As people and organizations come to mind, take a moment to thank God, and consider even expressing your gratitude to these individuals as well.


Reflect – Application to stir our obedience to Christ

  1. What are the main hindrances in your life keeping you from gospel partnership? Jon mentioned that often conflict or different beliefs and/or practices will keep us from partnering with other churches and/or Christians, but that we are called to fight for unity in our gospel partnership. How can you take steps to overcome these hindrances in your pursuit of gospel partnership?
  2. How can you take steps to foster and strengthen the existing partnerships you have? Consider those around you in the church, how can you grow in your care and unity and gospel focus with them?


Proclaim – Application to stir our witness for Christ

  1. Paul so valued the gospel that he was willing to endure many hardships in order to bring the gospel to them. When we prize the gospel personally, we will much more naturally seek to share it with others. Make it a habit to daily thank God for the gospel, for the hope you have as a result of receiving it. And ask him to provide opportunities to share it with others this week.