Take it Home Questions 2/2/14

Take it Home Questions 2/2/14

Jon Payne preached from Colossians 4:2-6

Key Ideas

  • God calls us to invest ourselves in the advance of the gospel.
  • When we step out in weakness in effort to advance the gospel, God delights in our obedience and transforms our weakness into his strength.
  • We are called to pray for opportunities and boldness, but we are also called to act upon those opportunities as they present themselves as part of our ongoing way of life toward unbelievers.
  • Our goal as Christ’s ambassadors is to be as winsome as we can be—expressing grace and love and welcome and kindness in our conversations, but uncompromising regarding the truth in our message.
  • We should aim toward having both spontaneous and ongoing gracious conversations with unbelievers.

Questions to help us apply the Word:

Treasure – Application to stir our love for Christ

  1. Who first shared the gospel with you? How did you come to believe it? Think back to the season in which you first came to be a Christian, consider how God used various means of grace, including other Christians, to bring you to himself. Turn and thank him!
  2. Reflect on the fact that in order to save you, God became man, coming from heaven to earth to live the life we are called to live and to die the death that our sins deserve, and rising from the grave so that we can stand before God not as enemies, but as beloved children. Meditate on this, spend time here, don’t let your days pass by without considering all that God has done to display his love for you.

Reflect and Proclaim– Application to stir our obedience to and witness for Christ

  1. Jon mentioned some common fears that keep us from sharing the gospel with others. Did one of them resonate with you? What are the biggest hindrances to evangelism in your own life? What do you believe God’s word says to these fears?
  2. When is the last time you prayed to ask God to help you overcome your fears in sharing the gospel with others?
  3. What steps can you take this week to invest yourself in the advance of the gospel? Some ideas:
    • Pray for opportunities to share the gospel with others.
    • Pray for the ability to speak clearly about the gospel.
    • Invite a co-worker to lunch to get to know them better.
    • Invite a neighbor over for pizza on Friday night.
    • Take your kids to the park and get to know some of the other parents there.

Helpful quotes from the sermon:

“Well, this joy, overwhelming as it is, is a hungry sort of joy—you want more of it: for the more you have of spiritual children, the more your soul desires to see them multiplied. Let me tell you, that to be a soul-winner is the happiest thing in this world, and with every soul you bring to Jesus Christ, you seem to get a new heaven here upon earth. But what will be the joy of soul-winning when we get up above!” ~ Charles Spurgeon

“Rome was not built in a day, nor will a parish be saved in a week. Men do not always receive all the gospel the first time they hear it. To break hearts for Jesus is something like splitting wood: we need to work with wedges that are very small at one end, but increase in size as they are driven in.” ~ Charles Spurgeon