Take It Home Questions 1/26/14

Take It Home Questions 1/26/14

Key Ideas


  • When we grasp the overall story of the Bible we understand each part better because we see how it all holds together.


  • Jesus came to save mankind NOT by showing us the way BUT by becoming the way; he saves us not by being an example BUT by becoming a substitute.


  • Good people do not go to heaven, but forgiven people do.


  • God became man to bring man to God.


Questions to help us apply the Word:

Treasure – Application to stir our love for Christ

1.   Rich taught us about the three gardens of Eden, Gethsemane and the New Earth. What do these metaphors have in common and how are they different? What do they teach us about God?


2.   Why did God sacrifice his Son for sinful man? How does this affect you?

Reflect – Application to stir our obedience to Christ

1.   Are you tempted to try to earn God’s favor by being a better person? By being a better Christian? Rich reminded us that we cannot do this, we can never be good enough to earn God’s favor. But we can rest and rejoice in the fact that by faith in Jesus we are counted righteous in his sight! Now we can obey, not out of fear of punishment, but out of gratitude and in faith that God is at work in us.


2.   We can be tempted to love this life too much, to be so much at home here that we really hope that heaven is delayed. Take some time this week to ask God to help make us a people who are defined by who we were made for and where we are going. Let that shape your life!


3.   How can you help others to be more eager in their anticipation of heaven?


 Proclaim – Application to stir our witness for Christ

1.   God became man to bring man to God, and he invites us to participate in this mission with him through proclamation. How does this fact stir faith in your heart to share the gospel with those around you?


Helpful quotes from the sermon:


“And the King says, ‘Look! God and his children are together again. No more running away. Or hiding. No more crying or being lonely or afraid. No more being sick or dying. Because all those things are gone. Yes, they’re gone forever. Everything sad has come untrue. And see – I have wiped away every tear from every eye!’” Jesus Storybook Bible, Sally Lloyd-Jones