Take It Home Questions – 1/12/14

Take It Home Questions – 1/12/14

Redemption Hill Church

Take It Home Questions

Jon Payne preached from Colossians 3:18-21


Key Ideas


  • Our family life, the way we treat one another, must display our union with Christ.


  • God’s purpose for the family is to display a picture of the gospel.


Questions to help us apply the Word:

Treasure – Application to stir our love for Christ

1.   Just as we are aware of our own failings in our respective family roles, let us take time today to consider how God has never failed us, how he has always perfectly exemplified love, patience, forbearance, and so on. He is the only one who has never fallen short, and he has gone further and paid the penalty we deserve for our shortcomings. What a wonderful Savior!

Reflect – Application to stir our obedience to Christ

1.  Married couples – take some time this week to talk through the different categories in this passage. How are these categories portraying our union with Christ in your family? Pick out a few areas and ask God to help you grow in them this year.


2.  Singles – How do you display your union with Christ in the way you interact with your Christian brothers and sisters?


 Proclaim – Application to stir our witness for Christ

1.   If others were to observe your family life, what do you think they would learn about Jesus from the way you interact with one another?