Take It Home Questions – 11/17/13

Take It Home Questions – 11/17/13

November 17, 2013

Jon preached from Colossians 2:16-23


Key Ideas

  • Being united to Christ means that we belong to him legally before God, and being united to him spiritually in such a way that we are defined before God in Christ and we are cleansed by God through Christ.
  • Legalism misuses the Bible—the Bible is intended to direct us to God’s ultimate plan in the person and work of Christ that all of our spiritual life and hope should be found in union with Him.  Legalism uses that same Bible but cut off from the person of Jesus Christ, or belittling him as just the starting point for salvation.
  • Be suspicious of anyone who equates spiritual maturity with a certain mantra of practices or a spiritual dream or vision—spiritual maturity is found in knowing Jesus Christ, in receiving grace from him to see his truth contained in the Bible and in growing in internal humility of Character before him.
  • Growth in true maturity is an issue of personal vibrant relationship with the Lord.  Mere practical disciplines, however good in themselves are merely a facade if they are not born out of a genuine vibrant relationship with the Lord.

Questions to help us apply the Word:

Treasure – Application to stir our love for Christ

  1. As you read this text, what aspect of the gospel as here described is most encouraging to your soul?

Reflect – Application to stir our obedience to Christ


  1. Are you connected in humble dependent relationship with Jesus Christ?
  2. Are you increasing in your humble submission to his Word? He is your head. This means the life giving and life directory authority of your life.
  3. Are you growing in your dependent relationship with Him through His Holy Spirit?

 Proclaim – Application to stir our witness for Christ


  1. How does this text encourage you toward being a channel of the Word of Christ, representing him to the world?
  2. As we start small groups, look for pray that God would grant you opportunities to care for those around you, encouraging each other toward true spiritual health. This is the purpose of small groups.