Take It Home Questions, 11/03/13

Take It Home Questions, 11/03/13

Redemption Hill Church


Take It Home Questions

November 3, 2013

Craig Cabaniss preached from Judges chapter 7


Key Ideas


  • The story of Gideon is the story of God’s power in weakness.
  • Gideon and the rest of the judges exhibited inherent weakness that point us to the One in whom is no weakness, our redeemer Jesus Christ.
  • Human weakness serves as a platform for the strength of God to be on display.
  • The goal is not simply to overcome your weakness, it’s to experience the power of God!


Questions to help us apply the Word:

Treasure – Application to stir our love for Christ


  1. Take some time to consider God’s design in our weakness, and mediate on his all-sufficiency. Pray and ask God to let you experience his power in your weakness.

Reflect – Application to stir our obedience to Christ

  1. Where in life are you most aware of your weakness? Do you see your weakness as a platform from which you can display the power of God in your life?
  2. Where do you feel most overwhelmed? When tempted with these thoughts, immediately cast those cares/anxieties on the Lord, for he wants to bear those burdens rather than you doing it on your own.

 Proclaim – Application to stir our witness for Christ

  1. In a world that celebrates the strong and the self-reliant, consider how you can display the power of God in and through your own weakness. This can be done in our homes, at work, with friends and family, and so on.