Singing on Sunday

Singing on Sunday

This Sunday we will be singing together as a church.  The songs will be chosen specifically by our worship leader and approved by our pastoral team for the purpose of accomplishing certain goals.  Let me list a few of them.

1.  To affirm the truth about God and the gospel.  All of the songs we choose are evaluated for their theological accuracy and are chosen for their ability to clearly communicate Biblical truth.

2.   To encourage the church to encounter God.  We know that God is among his people when we gather and that he loves to hear their praises.  We sing to declare our love for God, our trust in him, and our awe at his greatness.

3.  To encourage corporate singing.  Our time of music on Sunday is not a performance, in which a small group sings and most of the group watches.  We choose songs with memorable and relatively simple melodies so that everyone can participate.  We try to choose keys for the songs that are neither too high nor too low so that everyone can sing fully and freely.

3.  To prepare the church for their calling. Christians are called to grow in their knowledge of God, to walk in righteousness, to witness to the faith, to endure suffering, and to guard their hearts against the temptations of falsehood.  Biblical and memorable songs can be carried with us into our weeks to help us live worthy of the calling we have received.  Most of the time, the songs we sing can be remembered long after a particular sermon has been forgotten.

God gave us the gift of singing to impress our hearts with the truth of his Word, to life our emotions in declaring his praise, and to renew our minds for his service.

I so look forward to singing on Sunday.