Recommending Sibbes

Recommending Sibbes

Let me seize a blog post to recommend The Bruised Reed, by Richard Sibbes.  It is an old book, and certainly we should make a practice of reading old books that focus on the Lord Jesus and are filled with sound doctrine.  Often the old books make trustworthy truths speak to us in a new way, and The Bruised Reed is no exception.   Sibbes takes his time examining the character of the Lord Jesus Christ, and what it means that He does not break “a bruised reed” or quench “a smoking flax.”  I’ve found two primary groups of people will receive overwhelming help in these pages.

  1.  Those who are aware of their own weakness and sins.
  2. Those who are aware of others weaknesses and sins.

Now certainly all of us are in both of those categories!  This book will make you love Jesus more, cling to him in your weakness and long to reflect his gentle care toward those around you when you feel their weakness or sinfulness.

The kindle edition is less than a dollar and the paperback version is $6. Money well spent!

Buy at Amazon.

Hope you enjoy!