My God is True

My God is True

This morning I was reading in 1 Kings and came across an interesting, and puzzling, section in chapter 13. God spoke through one of his prophets, “a man of God,” against the house of Jeroboam due to their sins. All well and good. But then a second man professes to be a fellow prophet and deceives the first prophet into disobeying God’s command to him, claiming that he had new revelation from God. As a result, the first prophet is killed by a lion for disobeying God’s command to him.

Why didn’t God protect his man from the lies of the deceiver? Why didn’t God show the world that his prophets are unassailable? Why would he include this section in the Bible?

It’s actually sections like this that strengthen my conviction that the Word of God is true. You see, if I was going to write a book like this, I would fill it with stories of how “my people” were stronger and wiser and better than those around. I would paint a picture of those who stood with me as near flawless so that others would look at them and want to be like them. But God doesn’t do this. The fact that the Bible is filled with flawed people is consistent with a divine author, because only in this way does he receive all the glory, rather than man.

Other religious books of the world exalt people, and they receive glory. Not so with our Bible. The Bible tells a story, not of many flawless heroes, but of one. The Bible shows us that even his own people are flawed, and that underscores the critical importance of our need for a better hero, a better Savior.  The Bible shows us that the only one who deserves glory and honor is the Lord himself.

God alone is true and is worthy of our praise. And his word is sure.