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Perhaps some of you have watched them online, perhaps some have only heard them described and seen responses on social media or discussed them with your friends and family. The videos recounting the diabolical murder of babies at the hands of indifferent medical staff are hard to watch, but they make plain and obvious the truth about abortion, with the grisly and horrific additional factor of selling the body parts of these murdered children.  Of course, this new information about organ trafficking does not make abortion a moral atrocity, but it does highlight and emphasize the progression that occurs when a society legalizes and normalizes such immorality for decades.

It must must be said: the act of abortion is murder in the sight of God.  Benefiting financially from murder is compiling odious defiance on top of revolting rebellion.  In the sight of heaven it dares the inexorable wrath of a holy and jealous God.  People are destroying humans he is in the very act of shaping.  They are literally fighting God.

If you are a Christian and you feel outraged by these actions, by the spiritual callousness of those participating, by the indifference of our society, by the brutality and hypocrisy of our culture, you should.  You should feel outrage, because God does.  God hates every abortion.  You should feel shocked that God has allowed the human race to exist as it builds its own new arrogant tower of Babel, built on the crushing of helpless, tiny babies.  If you feel ambivalent toward these sins, you should repent, you should seek mercy, you should cry out for God to have mercy and awaken your soul to the truth.    And if you are feeling grief for the inhumanity and outrage at the evil, you should also feel awe at the long-suffering of God.  No human being hates these murders more than God or is more personally connected to every life than He is.  But He hasn’t split the sky and darkened the sun and come in blazing judgment.  Not because he won’t one day. Not because he’s calloused from watching this kind of evil over the millennium.  Only because he is offering mercy to God-fighters of every variety, until the day that his offer of mercy ends and he reveals just how much he hates every sin.

Some of you who read this might have participated in murder at some point, you might have destroyed a helpless life, but you repented and cried out for mercy and found that even for you, there was forgiveness available from this infinitely holy God.   I am so grateful that God saved you and I pray God saves others just like you. Others who read this might be sinners in a thousand other ways, yet God saved you as well. I hope that some who read this will see the light, feel their heart break in soul rending repentance and sorrow, receive forgiveness, and join God’s people in crying out in grieving rage against the murders that continue in this world.

And I pray that the Lord Jesus would come very soon. That every murder and evil and injustice and wrong would be brought immediately to an end.  That every sinner saved by grace would rise up with a shout of acclaim for their Savior who brought them from death and darkness to light and love.  I pray that every Christian will speak the truth about life, about evil, about murder, about God, about grace, about eternity.

Lord God, for the sake of your Name, act, come, save, protect the helpless, end the evil of this world, bring us to your Kingdom.  Please come soon, Lord Jesus.