Loving the Unlovely

Loving the Unlovely

Most of us find certain characteristics enjoyable.  Love, kindness, peace, joy, gratefulness, servanthood, generosity.  You don’t hear too many people say, “I just love having angry, arrogant, bitter people around me during the holidays!”

We enjoy the company of those who live with lovely attributes on display.  We want those traits around us and around our family.

These are the attributes of the Trinity–the overflow of affection from Father to Son and Son to Father and Spirit to Father and Son is filled with these attributes toward one another, for all eternity.   We love these traits because they are the reality of God’s character, the most beautiful and glorious reality in existence. We were made to love what is truly lovely.

So, why would our God choose to bring us into relationship with himself?  On our own we are the unlovely.  Unloving, anxious, complaining, selfish, greedy–the antithesis of the Trinity.   Of course God made us to be a reflection of himself, but we are not, we are anti-God, unlovely, and, one would think, unlovable.

But God shows his love for us in this, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.  The love of God overflows in the willing sacrifice of the Son on the cross, perfectly fulfilling the majesty of Divine justice, to the end of displaying Divine, glorious loveliness.

We are the unlovely who have been loved by the supremely lovely, because of his supreme, sacrificial love.  This is our God.