House Troubles

House Troubles

All of us have them.  The AC just broke. The roof leaks. The coffee spilled on the carpet. The children colored on the wall.  There’s a crack in the ceiling.  And these are just the house itself. Add to that the daily maintenance needs.  The grass will not stop growing. There’s an ant fortress in my front yard. Wasps are trying to nest next to my porch.  Laundry needs to be done, rooms vacuumed, floors mopped. And then the lists starts over again.  House troubles.

John 14 is a chapter made just for such thoughts–rooting out the anxiety/anger/impatience that surfaces in response to house troubles.

“Let not your heart be troubled….I go to prepare a place for you.”

The homes we live in conform to the world we live in–a fallen world, with cracks and decay and perpetual pests and challenges.  But most disappointing of all, our homes exist in the world in which God’s glory can only be seen by faith.  But we’re heading to a new home. In that home God’s glory is visable to every eye.  He is the foundation and the light and the security and center of that home.

Let’s address every house trouble this week with the promise that Jesus has prepared a place for us through his death and resurrection– a home in the presence of God, a home that cannot fade or decline.  A home of worship and glory and closeness with our Savior and our Father, our God of eternal glory and perfect redemption.  What are a few house troubles compared to that promise?