Gospel Community

Gospel Community

What is Gospel Community?

It’s a group of sinners, saved by Jesus Christ.

It’s a group of saints, bound together by the Holy Spirit.

It’s a group of brothers and sisters,  adopted by the Father.

It’s a group of pilgrims, walking together toward Zion.

It’s a group of soldiers, doing spiritual battle against the prince of darkness.

It’s a group of disciples, encouraging each other to follow the Master.

It’s a group of servants, laying down their lives for each other.

It’s a group of witnesses, joining their voices to proclaim the gospel.

It’s a choir,  raising their song about the blood of the Lamb.

It’s a fruit tree, bearing Spiritual fruit that gives evidence of regeneration.

Gospel Community is not easy, but not impossible.  Gospel Community takes time but it already exists.  Gospel Community is built by the Lord, and is the calling of the saints.

Gospel Community welcomes new members and cherishes old members.  Gospel Community is priceless because of its purchase price.  Gospel Community is unstoppable because of its benefactor and invaluable because of its benefits.

Gospel Community will last long after the mountains are thrown into the sea.  Let us take the next step in building our gospel community today.