Give Us This Day our Daily Bread

Give Us This Day our Daily Bread

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Refrigerators are very useful inventions–they’re vastly superior to salting our beef, buying ice in large blocks, and keeping cold cellars full of semi-perishable food stores. However, there is one serious downside to the refrigerated box sitting in my kitchen.

Refrigerators deceive me into thinking that I can store up for my needs for the future. I am under the illusion that I already have enough resources to sustain my life, at least for the next few days. The reality is very different. My existence is continually dependent on the Lord. My every breath comes from him as does my daily bread. Pulling food that I purchased a few days ago out of my fridge might subtly induce me to forget my daily, continual dependance on the Lord. I’m guessing that the pre-modern cultures were a little more aware of this ongoing need than I am. They were a little more in touch with the need for daily bread.

This realized dependance is all the more important because Jesus used bread as an illustration for his provision of salvation to his people. He called himself the Bread of Life. And my union with Him is not something I need occasionally–I can’t put my union with Christ in the crisper to be pulled out when I want it. Though his Spirit I am continually relying on my union with him for the existence of my spiritual life, just as I depend on his sustaining power for my physical life.

So, the next time we open the fridge door today–let’s take a moment and declare our joyful trust in our Bread of Life, the one who provides for all our needs, the one by whom and through whom, and to whom are all things.

Give us this day, Lord, our daily bread.