Next year my family and I are anticipating the exciting adventure of planting a new church in a northern suburb of Austin, Texas.  Over the summer we have been meeting with dear members of our church who are earnestly praying about joining us.  This last Friday we enjoyed our third church plant interest meeting together and I spoke about the primary foundations of our new church.  I laid before the team the reality that a call to plant a church is like coming upon a field and catching a vision for a future glorious structure, one that isn’t there right now.  This structure is not a physical one–its the spiritual temple of a local church which we pray will exist for many future generations until the Lord returns.  For the sake of those future generations,  we want to ensure that we lay the foundations rightly, so that those who come after us can continue to go forward in the work with confidence. 

The following are the six foundations that I outlined.  In future posts, I’ll explain further what I mean by each one.  By God’s grace we will build a church that is:

1. Gospel-Centered
2. Word-Saturated 
3. Spirit-Empowered
And a church that is devoted to:
4. Passionate Worship
4. Deep Relationships
6. Personal Evangelism

In the future I will post thoughts on each of these foundations and draw out what they will look like for our church plant.

 May God establish the work of our hands.