The Father, The Son, and the Bride

The Father, The Son, and the Bride

The Father spoke,

Son, I have a bride for you.  She is unfaithful, dirty, unworthy of you.  But we will make her clean and make her perfect, fit for your glory. But the bride price that must be paid is beyond any worldly price.  She is now a slave to sin, under our holy wrath. The bride price must be blood, innocent blood.  In all the world there is no one to pay it.  So you must pay that price. You must die for your bride. Her filth must be placed on you and you must bear her punishment.  This is the bride price that is necessary for her to become worthy of your glory, Son. Then you will rise again and we will send the Spirit to prepare your Bride for the great wedding day.

The Son replied,

      Father, I delight in your wisdom and for love of you I will gladly fulfill your plan.  And I love the Bride you have chosen for me. She will be glorious and pure and cleansed from all the wrongs she has committed. I willingly pay the price to ransom her from condemnation and death.  Here am I, send me.  I will not fail in the least calling you place in my hand.  The scroll of your wisdom will be unfurled though it cost me my life and though I face holy wrath to fulfill it.  Let us begin. 

The one who has the bride is the bridegroom.  John 3:29