Church at the HEB Center
  • 2100 Ave of the Stars, Cedar Park, TX 78613

  • HEB Center

Church at the HEB Center

Hi Church!

The Sheraton Georgetown has another event scheduled for Sunday, May 23rd so we will be meeting at the HEB Center that day. Bring your friends, family, friends’ family and their neighborhood as well!

Some notes about church at the HEB Center:

  • The HEB Center has updated its mask policy, so here is the current one: “Masks are required upon entry, exit and while moving about the venue.  Once seated, guests can remove their masks.”
  • The HEB Center is a large venue, and we want to be respectful guests. We ask that you please keep your children with you and do not allow them to wander about the building.
  • Security will be onsite, and we will all enter through a magnetometer and a bag check. Bags may not be larger than 14 x 6 x 6 and no backpacks are allowed. Larger diaper bags and diaper backpacks are okay.
  • When we arrive, the seats will be individually distanced. You are free to move them together for your family and friends. After the service, we ask that you please put them back as you found them.
  • The restrooms that are for our use are the ones located directly to the left when you enter the building.

You will want to park on the North side of the building because that is where we will enter (through the doors that say HEB Center in red and have the At Home advertising in the top windows).

See you there 🙂