Encourage Your Wife

Encourage Your Wife

To all of my fellow husbands, let me a give a simple recommendation: encourage your wife.  Speak words that point out to her a few very important truths.

1) God loved her before the foundation of the world.  Her most important past event took place when God chose to love her before she was born.

2) God has paid for all her sins through the death of Jesus Christ.

3) God has prepared good works for her to do.  Whether she is discouraged by a perceived lack of fruitfulness or distracted by temporary concerns,  her path ahead has been laid by the hands of her Father in heaven, filled with good, hard, joyful, sacrificial effort for the sake of his glory and to produce eternal fruit.

4) God has promised her an inheritance in heaven that will never spoil, perish, or fade.

These encouragements are needed whether your wife is currently elated or discouraged, convicted by sin or conquering a historic habit.  Seasons of joy that are not directed toward God can become tests of complacency. Seasons of struggle without the encouragement of these truths can become bogs of despair and condemnation.  So, husbands, let us wash our wives in the water of the word, speaking words of grace that will give the strength of God-centered joy and gratefulness to these women, these treasures that God has created.

If our conversation has become primarily about the bills, the kids, the house, the car, the vacation, the schedule, the laundry, the job, the neighbors, the relatives, the movie, or even the diagnosis, the disappointments, or the fears of life–let our words begin to infuse the good news of God’s provision in Jesus Christ.  Let us encourage our wives.