Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Today at the coffee shop there was a sign for superbowl cookies.  Of course, the big game is coming soon.  I can almost taste the nachos.  I can imagine the laughter and fun of friends in our house, around our table, in front of our television.

Really, the game is an excuse to be with friends,  because superbowls are often far from super.  I don’t know if it’s the big stage or the big anticipation, but they don’t seem to deliver even mid-season level….super-ness.

But, for some reason, we still look forward to superbowl Sunday.  For some reason, we keep wanting to look forward.  I think its because we were made to look forward, to anticipate, to hope for astonishing visions of transcendence. We long for awe.

Coffee shops sell superbowl cookies named for an inevitably forgettable event because human beings are hardwired to want something super.   We are all designed to be overwhelmed by greatness.  We want it so much we still hope the superbowl will deliver. But only one event will deliver the awe we want to see.

May the Lord return soon, so that we can see what we long to see, what we want to see.

Come Lord Jesus, amaze us with yourself.