Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry

Hello, and welcome to Redemption Hill Kids!

We LOVE to partner with you in seeing the Gospel transferred on to the coming generations. So, welcoming children in Jesus’ Name has been a very high priority in our church life since day one.

Currently, we offer two classes during the sermon portion of the service, one for babies and toddlers 8 mos – 2 years and the other for kids ages 3 – 5. Please join in praying for the Holy Spirit’s anointing on our teachers as they teach God’s living and active Word each week, in an age appropriate way, to these precious, impressionable hearts!

In advance of that we wanted to equip you with some answers to questions we thought you may have before enrolling your children! So, here’s some FAQ:

  • Where is Children’s Ministry located? It will be in two of the smaller ballrooms at the entrance to the hallway on the way to the main gathering area. If you come down the stairs into the glass atrium area, you can’t miss us. There will be a check-in table there.
  • What will my children be learning? For the older class, we will be utilizing The Gospel Story for Kids, a curriculum from a sister Sovereign Grace church. It comes with a companion children’s Bible and family devotional and the desire behind that is to make it easy for you to either begin family devotions or to sync them with what your children are learning in class. Even in the younger class, we seek to creatively display and verbalize some of the key themes of Scripture to the kids as well as pray over them each week.
  • What about security? 10-15 minutes prior to the service or during the break, please come to the check-in table to either enroll your children or check them in. Each child will receive a sticker and you will get a corresponding tag to pick them up with. It’s a quick and easy process, and we’re happy to help make it touchless as well if needed! All adults serving have completed our membership process, including meeting with one of the pastors. They have an up to date background check and have completed MinistrySafe’s abuse awareness training. We require two teachers around children at all times, utilize a hall monitor and strive to keep the teacher to child ratio low to most effectively protect and care for children while they are in class.
  • What about COVID & masks? For location specific mask policies see the What To Expect page. Toys will be wiped down with disinfectant wipes at the end of each class and hand sanitizer will be available. If anyone in your house has tested positive, or if you have clear reason to believe someone in your home has COVID, please allow 10 days from symptom onset prior to having them in CM. For all other illnesses, our policy is 24-hours symptom free. Thank you in advance for helping us abide by these policies and for your patience and understanding. If you have strong concerns in any of these areas, please know we are glad to welcome children in the service as well!
  • What about snacks? We will not be offering snacks or drinks right now, but children are welcome to bring their own. Because some kids may have allergies or sensitivities, please do not bring any snacks with peanuts or other tree nuts. Since the rooms have carpet, we’d ask you to limit drinks to water only.

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be happy to answer them.

See you on Sunday!