Book Recommendation: Let’s Study John

Book Recommendation: Let’s Study John

As pastors we want to put good resources in your hands, particularly as we study God’s Word together and hear it proclaimed week to week. As we walk through the Gospel of John for the better part of this next year, one resource that we recommend and will be referencing regularly is the book, “Let’s Study John,” by Mark Johnston.

This is a wonderful book that highlights the central ideas of the Gospel of John in a straightforward and clear manner. For instance, for this week’s text (1:1-5) Johnston spends 5 pages considering this passage and helping us to better understand and apply it. He reflects on questions such as who Jesus is, what he did, how he relates to us, and why he matters.

Here are a couple of helpful quotes from this chapter:

Who is Jesus? He is God. Ever one with God in sharing the essence of deity, yet ever distinct in that his existence is one of eternal relationship within the Godhead. These truths should have us catching our breath in wonder and in worship as we glimpse on earth realities which the angels gaze upon in heaven.  (p 4)

Jesus is not just one idea among many, just one more theory in the market place of theories that spans the course of history. John dares to say that he is ‘the light.” (1:5). This great claim will be taken up by Jesus himself later on in the Gospel (8:12, 9:5), but here at the outset, John declares him to be the ultimate and true light which continually shines in the world. There is a bold exclusivism in the gospel. It does not sit easily with a world that celebrates a pluralistic view of life, but it cannot be deleted from the message about Jesus nor from the claims that he makes. (p 5).

The book is available here from Amazon.