Bible Reading in 2014

Bible Reading in 2014

Every new year presents another 365 day opportunity to know the Lord through the reading of his Word.  As New Years Day approaches, I wanted to provide a few Bible reading ideas for our church.  Below are some plans that may interest you.

1.  Meditation Plan.  Some of us prefer to read more slowly and leave plenty of time for longer meditation.  If so, you might consider breaking the year into four quarters and reading/meditating on one Old Testament book (Jan-March),  a large number of Psalms (April-June), a gospel(July-September), and a letter (October-December).   This would probably leave you plenty of time for deeper study.

2.  Bible in a Year Plan–Old/New Testament Daily reading.  Reading the Bible from start to finish can sometimes be challenging since some of the more difficult books to read and understand are near the beginning.  This plan will take you through the Bible in a year with a reading from the Old Testament and the New each day.

3.  Robert Murray M’Cheyne Plan.  This plan takes you through the Old Testament once and the Psalms and New Testament twice in a year.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this plan which provides reading in four different sections of Scripture each day.

4.  New Testament in a Year.  This would be a great idea for someone not used to more consistent Bible reading.  It takes you through the New Testament in a year reading only five chapters a week.  This would probably only require about 15 minutes a day.

Of course, none of these plans may serve you.  The point is to plan on encountering the Lord through the gift of his Word.  Let me encourage you to come up with a plan to read his Word in 2014.

My prayer for our church is that we would view his Word as does the writer of Psalm 19–who said it was as honey to his soul, as a treasure more valuable than gold.

Lord, make this true of us!