Am I Loving?

Am I Loving?

Before running out into our day today, let us check in the mirror and ask ourselves, “Am I loving?”. The Bible says that love is the fruit of the Spirit, Jesus described love, toward God and others, as the summation of the commandments, and He later told his followers that love for one another defined them to the world as His disciples. So, let us ask again, am I loving?

Of course we may choose to glance at the few places where love is easy for us–toward those who love us perhaps, or those with a merciful or gracious temperment. Yes, we might say, I love them.  But discovering that we love those who love us is like seeing that we have a few buttons right on our shirt and neglect to examine the rest of our appearance.

Do I love the unlovely? Those people with prickly personalities and troubling sin tendencies, those people who make my life more difficult by their weaknesses?  Do I love the unlovely?

Do I love the unloving? Those people who withhold forgiveness, who always assume they are right, who demand love but will not love in return?  Will I love them?

Let us let the Word tell us the real story of our love.  And where we see an unloving heart staring back at us from an honest view of the Word, let us go again to the cross.  Only at the foot of the cross will the unloving heart be transformed. Only by seeing the Savior love us to death will we love the unlovely and unloving. Only by loving Him will we love others.

Christian, let us love one another, for we are loved by Jesus Christ, united to Him, and called to love one another as He does.Photo by camerazn