Advent: Christ Our Glory

Advent: Christ Our Glory

For the season of Advent, Pastor Jon has prepared 24 Christmas devotions. Each day, you will find posts on the pastor’s blog, or, if you prefer, you may download the PDF file available in the below link. To Christ be the glory alone!

Intro to “Christ Our Glory”

The study of the Lord Jesus Christ is rightly our task and honor in every season. To be a Christian or to lead a family in Christian discipleship should be to look deeply at the glory of our Savior, as He is revealed in the pages of Scripture. The Christmas season, in which we remember the incarnation of our Lord, is a gift to us. It reminds us to study the Scriptures, to know Him more richly, to remember the glory of the Word become flesh, and to be humbled and grateful, yet again, at His willing sacrifice to provide our salvation. It is my prayer that these Scriptures and brief meditations will enable families to place Christ in the center of our thoughts during this Christmas season. Hallelujah, what a Savior!

-from Pastor Jon

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