A Servant Serves

A Servant Serves

To serve in the church does not require an official role. Of course, for a church to function, many defined ministry roles need to be filled. The set-up crew, the musical team, the financial team, the hospitality team–and probably many more positions depending on the size of the church.  However, a Christian does not just become a servant when he or she accepts a particular ministry role.  A Christian is a servant–by definition–a Christian has been called into the service of the Lord.

This calling means that my role doesn’t begin or end with a particular task.  I should be viewing myself as a servant at all times, looking for ways to bless and benefit others–the way a servant should.  Walking in to a church meeting, I should be looking for people whom I can greet and encourage.  Walking into a small group meeting, I should be looking for opportunities to pray for others or find out about any difficulties or burdens they are facing, so that I can find ways to help them.  Walking into my day in the morning, I should be looking for ways I can help my children with patience, instruction, and practical care.

My role is not to be the “fair police”–making sure I do no more or less than anyone else.  I am not the “minimalist Christian” trying to do as little as possible without drawing too much criticism.  I have been called as a servant, more than that, a ransomed servant, whose life has been purchased by the blood of Christ.

Of course, such a disposition is only possible through the ongoing power of the spirit and requires a readiness to confess my ongoing selfish cravings.  Too often I act more like a king that should demand service than a servant that should lay down my life for others.  But the Lord gives more grace.  Each day, He is transforming me into the image of Christ, the one who took on the form of  servant, and became obedient to death. In him, I am becoming the servant he died to make me.

May the servants motto be a banner over our day.  A servant serves.

Help me Lord, another chance to serve is before me right this moment.