Transfer:  God’s Design

So God created man in his own image,

in the image of God he created him;

male and female he created them.  Gen 1:27

What if there was no “male and female” in creation.  What if the verse just ended with “he created two ITS”.  Think about it for a second. Would that be a better, or worse?  What if there were only “Its” in the world, not he or she, him or her, Mr. or Mrs.  
Actually, this is exactly the world envisioned by powerful voices in our society today.  For many, to be a man should be no different than to be a woman, to be a woman the same as being a man. Even physical distinctions are considered reversable, perhaps like painting your blue car, pink, or your pink car, blue.  The essential idea is that to be human is to be an “it”–and that “design distinctions”  are merely external, and changeable.
However, the Bible states the case very differently.  God created us male and female, equal in value and equally crowned with the glory of bearing his image, yet different in our gender and in certain roles in the home and the church.   At stake in this discussion is not primarily the value of gender roles, actually.  Actually it is our view of God, and His Word.  
At Transfer we want to affirm, celebrate, and pass on the glorious wisdom of God’s design, the absolute authority of his Word.  We believe God wastes no words, makes no mistakes. We want to transfer a passion for his design, male and female, and pursue the glory of applying that design in each of our lives.