Transfer Hope

What do you hope will become of your church in 40 years?  Do you hope it will love the glory of God, the gospel, the Bible, and other key values that you hold dear? Do you hope that young men and women will stand boldly for the vital doctrines of the faith?  Do you hope that every onslaught of the enemy against the church will be met by doctrinally seasoned and spiritually passionate church members who will gladly resist the powers of evil and prove the eternal nature of the undiminished gospel? 

If we hope for these things to be realized–and I am sure we all do–let us give action to our hope. Let us give ourselves to trumpeting the vision of the core doctrines that we hold dear.  Let us envision those who are coming after us to stand in the gap for the church both now and in the future.  Let us devote ourselves to training up those who will one day turn and raise up still others in the cause of Christ. 

Let us transfer a hope for the enduring gospel from one generation to the next.